I live out in a quiet country side in Western Loudoun County in Virginia with my family. I am fortunate to have my studio on our 12 acre property, far enough away from our house but close enough for me to run home when I need to use restroom.

Most of my works are wheel thrown vessels. Occasionally, I attempt at hand building but I loose patience easily. I like the challenge of altering forms after they have been thrown on a wheel. Mostly, when I sit down in front of my wheel I already have a form, shape and the size of a pot in my head and things do come out the way I imagined. However, the final product after the firing process is another story. My cone 6 (Oxidation) and cone 10 (Reduction) firings are somewhat predictable. These are mostly my functional potteries. They are dish washer and microwave safe. My nonfunctional vessels are finished with firing process called Raku or Pit. They are known as primitive firing methods. Though they are beautiful to behold, vessels created in these processes are not water tight. However, I am fascinated by the process and the results that comes with it. Since final finish to these vessels were accomplished by dancing flames, no two vessels are ever the same.

It has been said that the beauty is in the eye of beholder. I’m just glad that there are some eyes out there are beholding mine.

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